Le dictionnaire : les malacologues célèbres - W.H. Dall

William Healey

Etats Unis 

Principales publications Bibliographie
  • BOSS, K.J. , ROSEWATER, J. & RUHOFF, F.A., 1968. The zoological taxa of William Healey Dall. U.S. National Museum. Bulletin 287, 427 pp.
  • KOSUGE, S., 1972. Illustrations of type specimens of molluscs described by William Healey Dall (North-Western Pacific Gastropoda). National Science Museum, Tokyo, 29 pls.
  • LINDBERG, D.R., 1998. William Healey Dall : A Neo-Lamarckian view of molluscan evolution. The Veliger 41: 227-238.
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